Virtual Assistants in the Media

September 30, 2008

Our new industry continues to benefit from increased exposure in the media. I think it’s important to share some of this information with our clients, who have taken a risk with us. It’s also important to have access to some of these stories for prospective clients, to show them that what we are offering is legitimate. The reason I say this is that even though there are over 1,600,000 hits on Google for “Virtual Assistant”, the most common question I get when introducing myself or sharing about my new business is, “What’s a virtual assistant?”

Most people are still largely unaware that this industry even exists. Some of those people could be excellent clients, if they had a clue that someone like us existed. So, here’s a link I found that brings together many of the recent media articles about Virtual Assistance, and I share it here to increase exposure and awareness:


One Response to “Virtual Assistants in the Media”

  1. Sweet link! 🙂 Thanks Rebecca!

    Virtual Assistants specialize in so many different areas that it’s hard to define what exactly a virtual assistant does. There are so many ways to assist a client from administrative tasks to marketing, and database management to conference planning; there’s a multitude of areas in which to find a specialist. I focus less on the definition and on explaining to clients that I can handle their administrative or marketing tasks while they focus on money generating activities! Wishing you success!

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