High Heels Day – Good or Bad?

July 10, 2008

I just received an email yesterday from someone participating in the Virtual Assistants’ High Heels Day, during which VAs working from home are encouraged to don the high heels that they might have worn to their corporate office (when they still worked for someone else) and to submit their pictures in some sort of charity fundraiser.


Unfortunately, my immediate reaction to this is one of dismay, on a couple of levels. For one thing, this seems to imply that all VAs are women. While it may be true that the vast majority of VAs, as in all other support industries, are women, I can’t believe that ALL of them are, and this campaign dismisses the possibility of including male VAs in their celebration.

Secondly, this campaign also suggests that high heels are an appropriate symbol of status and implies that we all miss wearing those high heels, even though we may miss nothing else about working in a corporate atmosphere. I can say that at least for myself, this is patently untrue. I cannot wear heels (due to a problem with one of my feet), but even when I could, I thought it was ridiculous that heels were considered professional dress. To me, heels are good for evening wear, not for running all over the office, possibly up and down stairs, damaging one’s feet, making one’s back, knees, and ankles ache.

So, while supporting a charity is always a good thing, I disagree with this particular fundraising campaign. It seems demeaning and possibly even damaging. I welcome comments about this – I’m willing to change my mind if someone can offer compelling reasoning to the contrary.

In the meantime, happy Work-In-Your-Pajamas day! đŸ™‚




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